We wanted to do something special to celebrate our 10 year anniversary site at propaganda3. We created a timeline the user could use to reflect back on major events that have occurred over the last 10 years to show just how long a decade really is. We used google images, wikipedia, and facebook to create this integrated experience. All of the amazing sound design was created by the talented dinahmoe.


role: creative director / designer / concept / cinematography


made at propaganda3

audio by dinahmoe


Filter multiple categories

The filter places the discovery process in the user's hands. Curated content that speaks to the user's interests.

Multiple views

There are two views for seeking out content. The infographic inspired view is based on discovery through experience. The list view provides a more linear path to scan events as you move through the months.


Content generated from Wikipedia and Facebook

We curated the events but the content is passed through from Wikipedia and Facebook. Users are able to log in to Facebook to display their own life experiences juxtaposed against world events.

Google Images Integration

Images are pulled from Google Images in realtime displaying an always fresh catalog of event-related photography.

Search for Events

Users can cut to the chase and search results based on their interest.


Enabling user contributions

Users are invited to share events they feel are of importance.