Peanut Butter, Jelly & Kung Fu Sandwich is an exciting new interactive adventure for the iPad that follows the silly antics of a large red robot and his best friend, 9 year-old Marvin, and how they have to save the city’s peanut butter and jelly from the evil Kung Pow Chicken and his army of android ninja henchmen.

Kung Fu Robot is the brainchild of Illustrator, Jason Bayes. We were given the fantastic opportunity of bringing his beautiful illustrations and rich stories to life through motion and interaction.


role: production creative director


made at propaganda3 

Promotional Videos

Playful Storyline

Kung Fu Robot is based around the unique story of the main character, Kung Fu Robot, and his more grounded sidekick Marvin. Their adventures take them on the hilarious path of unavoidable obstacles toward creating the perfect Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.


Animated content to compliment the story

The motion during the story is used as a vehicle to reinforce the storyline and enhance the experience.


Interactive Chapter Breaks

Breaks during chapters act as a mental release before continuing. During the course of the current two volumes, there are three different mini games plus a soundboard. Games consist of fighting ninjas in a kitchen, fighting ninjas in a super market, and racing a unicycle on a rooftop.